What’s a Property Investment Wall Dispute and How Do I Deal With It?

disputeA party wall refers to the adjoining boundary line common to two adjacent buildings or property investments. A dispute occurs when one of the owners serves that they intend to undertake building works but the adjoining party objects to the work or fails to respond to the notice.

Party wall disputes are nothing but a pain in the butt. Moreover, they halt renovation or upgrade work which can render the parties at a costly situation. When faced with one, here are some tips to live by.

  • Have you documents and legal papers at the ready. – When it comes to these disputes there will always be documents and important papers involved such as contracts and titles to the property. These have to be gathered and presented. What’s a case without evidence, right? Do not withdraw any important information nor falsify any document. Those are considered as punishable acts under the law.
  • Knowledge is power. – There are many rules, regulations and legislations when it comes to real estate properties as well as the renovations, demolitions and construction. Educating yourself is one of your best weapons out there. It helps you both protect yourself in the case of adverse situations and guides you in avoiding the mistakes that could lead to or worsen a claim.
  • Hire a professional for help and guidance. – These matters will always call for a sound professional and expert advice. Not everyone is versed, knowledgeable and trained with matters like these and dealing with it all on your own can prove to be very challenging or even damaging. There are professionals out there who are trained and seasoned to handle these cases. Don’t hesitate to call them for help. It will also be beneficial to perform preventive measures by hiring an expert to oversee construction projects and ensure that party wall disputes do not arise.
  • Never undermine and overlook notices. – Should one party receive a memorandum or notice to cease construction due to lack of proper oral and written dialogue then the party should abide especially if such claims are valid. The same is true should you receive a construction notice. Act on them immediately but remember that all parties involved must be respectful for moral and legal reasons.
  • Don’t ignore the power of communication. – Hand out construction notices to neighbouring establishments when you’re seeking to work on a project. At the same time should one receive a certain notice giving information about a future construction then one should respond immediately. Quickly respond to these notices. Many problems can be avoided with proper communication. Handling a property investment is already tough on its own. Let’s not make it more tedious.